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Browse articles from your favorite websites, conveniently and in one spot, with the Tapito mobile application.

And what is so special about Tapito?

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One application for all your favourite content

Pick the content you're interested in - current affairs, gossip, sports, automotive, lifestyle - or, say, biathlon. Tapito curates the entirety of top international content from more than 800 publishers, neatly sorted into 80 categories.


Read only what really interests you

Tapito is able and willing to learn.  The more you use it, the better it understands your interests, and makes content adjustments to reflect what you want to read. Tap is the name of an obedient little dog that will lay only those news at your feet which you really want.

Follow the news even when you are offline

Tapito lets you read your articles even where there is no internet connection, e.g. on the train or on the metro.

Browse articles right on the lockscreen

Display the articles you want to read even before you unlock your phone. Tapito livens up your lockscreen! Browsing articles on the lockscreen is simple, fast, and addictive. A swipe is all it takes.

Customization and controls

Your personal newspaper

No matter whether you read AP, The Guardian or CNN. Tapito allows you to access news from all sources in a single spot.

Blog subscription in style

Immerse yourself in the world of your favorite bloggers and innovators.  You'll never again miss a single post.

Your personal YouTube channel

Check out videos from the YouTube channels you're subscribed to - in one place, without the hassle of searching and clicking.

Keyword-based article search

Read about your firm, product, brand, or competition.  Simply set up the right keyword to subscribe to relevant articles.

Collections of articles

File away articles in your personal collections, either to share them with other users or to create your private little treasure trove.

Save for later

Save articles that caught your interest to read them later.  Saved articles are accessible even when offline.

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