Communicate your products and services where your customer actually sees them

We are the only ones to offer you this unique kind of advertising space to which the gaze of your customers will return again and again – first in the morning, right after waking up, and then numerous times during the entire day.

What makes advertising with you so special?

Peerless visibility

Speak to your customers right at the moment when the display of their phone has their undivided attention.  Ads within the Tapito application are always before your customer's eyes, and their CTR is several times higher than that of standard banners.

Focus on the target group with pinpoint precision

Maximize the impact and efficiency of your advertising campaign, by clearly and precisely focusing on your specific target group.

Accurate statistics and customer overviews

Analyze the audience reached, and thus optimize your ROI, thanks to accurate statistics for each individual campaign. You will always know whom you reached with your campaign, and where.

Full-screen advertisements in HD quality

Forget tiny banners bleating somewhere in the corner of an application.  Take your audience's breath away with a classy ad that makes full use of the phone's resolution and does not have to compete with other distracting content.  Your ad has the customer's full attention, which allows for interaction and helps you strengthen the image of your brand.

Tapito is the right choice for a variety of communication goals

Putting ads on the lockscreen and inside the advertisement guarantees the full attention of the user, facilitates interaction with them, and allows you to fully exploit the resolution of the display even for the most stylish ads.



Image building


Information about new products
Promo events

Promo events

Special sales
Sales campaign

Sales campaign

with click-through to the e-shop
Product campaign

Product campaign

with click-through to the e-shop

You want numbers? Here you go


Smartphones are always on and always within reach. 72% of users won't leave the house without their phone.


Smartphones have changed the way in which customers make purchases. 77% of users look up information about products or services on their devices.

Source of information

Users want to be able to search for product information anywhere and at all times. 77% of users have looked up information about products or services on their phones.


No less than 42% of the population already have smartphones, and the owners of these devices use them on an increasing scale.


Smartphones make it easier for advertisers to establish contact with the consumer.  84% of smartphone users take note of mobile advertising.

Acting local

91% of smartphone users search for information about their immediate vicinity on their smartphones, and 87% act upon this information (i.e. when deciding where to shop).


Minimum ad resolution:
1920 x 1920 px

Color palette

Color display:


DPI: 72

Download the detailed technical specs for advertisements
which explain in detail how to use ad space.

Download our PSD template file
which highlights the optimal advertising space and thus helps you to plan and design your ads.

Target group: men and women, 20-45 years, inhabitants of larger cities, smartphone users (Android OS only).

27 % 18-29 years
28 % 30-29 years
21 % 40-49 years
13 % 50-59 years
11 % 60+ years
Men 65 % Women 35 %

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