About the Tapito application

Tapito is a mobile application that allows you to read news, magazines, or interesting blogs from across the entire Czech internet, conveniently gathered in a single spot. 

How does it work?

Simply install the free mobile application Tapito, choose your areas of interest, and leave the rest to us.  Tapito quickly picks up what topics interest you most, to deliver you the best from your favorite news servers, magazines, blogs, or YouTube channels, with the convenience of a one-stop application. 

This content is available to you even in places with no internet connection!  No matter whether you are on the subway or in the sky, on the metro or aboard a plane: simply file away your favorite articles within Tapito to save fodder to read for later, when you have the time and leisure. 

Tapito also livens things up on the lockscreen of your phone, putting up articles and photographs faster than you can wake up the device.  Browsing articles has never been so simple, fast, or addictive :-)

Tapito - the news you want to read.


Articles are displayed immediately on the lockscreen.

Thematic focus

Pick the type of content that really interests you.

6,000 articles every day

We curate over 6,000 articles for you every day, "fresh off the press".

Articles with images

Most articles come with photographs or even full galleries.


Thanks to our fast browser, you'll get to the article within seconds.


Thanks to the straightforward registration procedure, you have access to your content from any device.


A list of the calls you missed is right on the lockscreen.

Search feature

Use the search feature to find interesting articles or servers you like.


"I wish I had taken a picture"? - No such regrets, thanks to the camera icon on the lockscreen.


Browsing articles directly on the lockscreen is simple, fast, and addictive.


Add articles to your favorites to read them at a later time.


Share articles with your friends.  A simple gesture is all it takes.

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