Privacy policy for the protection of users


This Policy to protect the privacy of Users of Tapito (the "Privacy Policy") forms an integral part of the "General Terms and Conditions of Tapito for users", which are posted at (the "T&C").  By installing the Application, the User confirms that they familiarized themselves with the T&C and undertake to observe them at all times. 

In what follows, capitalized phrases and terms shall be deemed to have the meaning attributed to them in the T&C.


By installing the Application, the User expresses their deliberate, free, and informed consent with the fact that the Provider will process the personal data which they make available, in the following scope: sex, age, email address (registered Users only), records tracking the User's location or, as the case may be, only location tracking records (Users), and other information as may have been made available or stored by Users ("Personal Data").

The purpose of processing Personal Data comprises the operation, upkeep, and proper functioning of the Application, the creation and administration  of registered Users' User Accounts, keeping the Application's features workable and its statistics accurate, creating customer databases, distributing Commercial Messages and targeted offers of the Provider or of Vendors.

Personal Data will be processed electronically throughout the period during which the User has the Application installed or, as the case may be, during which the registered User is authorized to make use of the Service, including a period of five years from the moment in which this authorization expires. 

The Provider may only disclose Personal Data to third parties with the User's consent, or based upon the decision of a public administrative authority which has the right to access the Personal Data under a special law, or based upon a court decision. 

The Personal Data may only be processed for the purpose set out in this Privacy Policy.  Processing by a third party must always be based on a written agreement between the Provider and the processor of the Personal Data, subject to the conditions set out in the Data Protection Act (Act No. 101/2000 Coll., as amended - the "Act").

The Personal Data is being provided on a strictly voluntary basis, but doing so is indispensable for the Application to function, and for the proper provision of the Service. 

The User acknowledges that they may revoke their consent with the processing of Personal Data at any time, that they have the right to access their Personal Data, the right to demand corrections, the deletion of untrue Personal Data, and its destruction.  The said consent may be revoked in writing, in a letter sent to the Provider's address or via email.  Revoking the consent with the processing of Personal Data results in the cancellation of the User's account, with the consequences set out in the T&C.

In the event of a violation of the Act, the User may turn to the Provider with a request for an explanation or for a remedy; if need be, the User may ask the Office for the Protection of Personal Data to ensure that the faulty state is remedied.

By way of signing up, each registered User gives their consent, within the meaning of Sec. 7 of Act No. 480/2004 Coll., on certain information society services, as amended, that the Provider may send them Commercial Messages of Vendors, as per the User's previous choice of preferences, to their email address, and that they will be contacted with direct mail containing Commercial Messages and with telemarketing containing Commercial Messages about the products, stores, and services of Vendors. 

The User may revoke their consent with this use of their electronic contact details on occasion of each individual message within the meaning of the above clauses, and such revocation of consent shall be free of charge. 


1. Further, the User expresses their deliberate, free, and informed consent with the fact that the Provider will use both its own technical means and third-party tools to obtain information on, and further analyze, the use of the Services by, and the activities, of Users, for the purpose of keeping the Application fully functional, ensuring a high level of quality of the Service, improving user comfort, and further developing the Application.  These means and tools include, in particular:

a. Cookies and other information stored on the User's end.  Cookies are short text strings stored in the memory of the web browser on the User's computer. Web browsers may be configured to disable (block) cookies or to delete previously accepted cookies. The User may refuse to accept cookies, but doing so may result in reduced user comfort and limit the availability of certain features of the Service. 

b. general data information on the way in which the Service is used, such as the type of browser, the type of mobile device, the operating system, login and logout  times, incoming and URL address, etc., or

c. anonymous data on the extent and manner in which the Service is used by the user.  Anonymous data is data which cannot be attributed to any specific User, whether in its original form or upon being processed. 


1. All registration and login procedures are conducted via secure HTTPS protocol.  The  certificate authority issuing the certificate is Thawte (  You may check the validity of the certificate for the domain at

2. Technical and anonymous data is being processed using third-party tools, and may be made available to third parties, even outside the territory of the EU.  A typical example would be the use of Google Analytics tools or similar third-party services as specified above. 

3. If you have any questions regarding the protection and integrity of your data, please contact us at

Tapito Privacy Policy, version 1.0.  In force as of 25 May 2016. 

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